32nd Street Farmers Market

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Also known as the Waverly Farmers' Market the Saturday market on the parking lot at E. 32nd and Barclay streets is more than a source of good food - it's the Charles Village social event of the week. Whether you're a citizen concerned for the independent farmer a vegetarian wary of genetically modified foods or just in search of a good fresh tasty bite to eat you'll run into somebody who feels the same way. Open year-round rain or shine the market provides fresh fruit and veggies thick slabs of meat ready for the barbecue baked goods and preserves among other culinary delights. You can also find houseplants seedlings and flowers. Be sure to stop by the mushroom stand for a portobello marinated and grilled while you wait. It's a Saturday morning fun fest with couples walking their dogs kids running around and older neighborhood residents picking up their week's supplies. You never fully appreciate how much tastier fresh food is compared to the waxed week-old items in the supermarket until you try something from a farmer's market. The bread here has been made by the woman you're buying it from; the apples come from a tree planted by the grandfather of the guy who bags them for you; the potatoes were dug up by the couple selling them. Wander down to Waverly some Saturday morning and you'll have a hard time going back to the apples and oranges from your local Giant.