Gwynns Falls Greenway

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A 14-mile greenway -- a specially-designed urban path that is friendly to bikers in-line skaters runners and walkers -- the Gwynns Falls Trail starts off in the city's expansive deer-filled Leakin Park and winds its way through some of the most surprising wilderness in the city. From the bucolic nature surrounding Leakin Park's Dead Run to the baseball diamond-laden symmetry of Leon Day Park to the widening Gwynns Falls near Dickeyville and on to the western fringe of the Inner Harbor and a fork that leads to the Patapsco River's Middle Branch the Greenway raises one's appreciation of a previously little-used swath of city forest and urban parkland. It connects more than 30 neighborhoods in west and southwest Baltimore including Pigtown with parklands unique urban environmental features cultural resources and historic landmarks. It also provides an alternative form of commuting for bikers who work downtown and live in the western suburbs.