National Museum of Dentistry

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Just imagine: A whole museum dedicated to teeth. Such a quirky place exists only a hop skip and a jump away from the Inner Harbor. The National Museum of Dentistry displays with much affection anything to do with dentists drillings and dentures. Fascinating really though it is enough to make the more nervous of us turn a gooey shade of green and block our ears with shaky fingers. But if you have a penchant for pain piercing noises or rotting teeth this might be home sweet home for you. It's often been said that the profession's one of the highest risk jobs for mental breakdown cases. Apparently something to do with all those teeth and gums. Believe me this museum wouldn't drive anyone round the bend. It's clear well organized and full of beautiful white shining snappy teeth. You'll find a row of skulls (kids love them) and a video extolling amazing teeth feats (water-skiing by tooth grip and acrobat-dangling from wire by tooth grip). Tales of the blood-curdling ancient torture of non-anaesthetic tooth removal are here along with a collection of famous toothy grins. Jim Carrey stares out from a "Mask" poster and Sean Connery looks out seductively over the room. The museum also covers the history of X-rays and dental surgery at the turn of the century (frighteningly similar to those of today). Stained old photos give a creepy feeling but well-structured explanations keep the exhibits grounded.