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Inner Engineering: Complete program for inner wellbeing Institute for Integrative Health | 202-630-4304
I have had many retreat experiences in the past with different faith tradition - Christian contemplative retreat to Buddhist mindfulness retreat to Sufi poetry retreat. I do realize each of those experiences has contributed to my transformation as they have led me to embark on an inner journey and have heightened my self-awareness. However, in the year 2015 when I half-heartedly signed up to participate in Inner Engineering online program, after I accidentally stumbled upon Sadhguru talks on YouTube, very little that I knew that this program might take me on an even deeper inner journey that enabled me to experience much more openness of heart and inclusiveness. This practice has been a source of healing for me both physically and mentally. My chronic back pain and age-old shoulder pain have gradually disappeared. My mind chatters and negative thoughts have dissipated progressively. I truly wish that everyone has a chance to do this program!