Oh Dad, Poor Dad...
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Recently widowed Madame Rosepettle (Sarah Heiderman) and her stuttering son Jonathan Albert Rosepettle (Martin Kasey) are on a mourning tour of the Caribbean, with her carnivorous plants, piranhas, and dead husband in tow. Despite Madame's best attempts to keep her son perpetually infantile, he discovers love with a local babysitter and resident seductress (Allyson Washington) of their Port Royal hotel. But there’s only room for one queen in her son's universe, and this man-eater's man eaters are the least of your worries if you interfere with her plans for widowed bliss. Tyrannical motherly love is the foundation of the absurdity in Arthur Kopit's 1962 spoof of Freudian modernist theatre. Starring Sarah Heiderman, Martin Kasey, Allyson Washington, Rjyan Kidwell, Tyler Agatstein, and Kathy Carson. Directed by Mason Ross.