'Friends With Shadows'
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“Friends With Shadows” is a meditation on the universality of experience, drawing inspiration from the dance between the sun and moon and Jungian assimilation of the shadow self. By contesting the divisions stemming from the nature of polarities, Palmer generates images that embrace the realms of light and dark allowing these visual projections to balance the self with the other. These concepts further reveal themselves through process and materiality, thematically relating; wax, wood, oil, metal, glass and video to natural processes like the waxing of the moon and the passages of time. These objects become a meeting place, where well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, light and darkness fuse. The graphic nature of the compositions reinforces the idea that polarities must merge to make complete circuits and for humans to reach the highest attainment of self. Shana Palmer is an artist, curator, musician and performer. Her experience of growing up in a remote area of the Arizona desert has influenced Shana's practice both sonically and visually. Her works explore the mythical, uninhabitable and liminal spaces, blurring the lines between narrative and symbolic structures. Shana's practice of performance, video, installation and painting has lead to exhibitions and performances both nationally and internationally. Shana Palmer currently lives and works in Baltimore .